Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Competitive Sport (?)


I am noticing two things. First, all of my titles thus far involve a question mark. Second, in my previous two posts, I used a latin phrase. The quote of the day is nothing new, and a time honored tradition in any communique from me to the world, but nevertheless, the other two intrigue me.

Speaking of intrigue, there was a charter bus out by the University Centre. It had those sun blockers that you put on windows to keep the insides from overheating, and in the windshield, there was a hand written sign "Girls Gone Wild Tryouts 2pm". This really begs the question (heck, it begs a whole multitude of questions): is there such a clamor to be on this that they felt the need to hold auditions now? I had always been under the impression that the only requirement be that you be willing to remove your top and do interesting things after this, a willingness generally aided by some kind of intoxication.

Perhaps its a quality control thing. After all, the people who buy this sort of thing demand nothing but the best sleazy entertainment, true connosieurs of the art of filming drunken college girls doing things that are probably best left unsaid. (And if you don't think that those videos aren't the slightest bit sleazy, you've got some serious issues with morality.) The image that keeps running through my head, though, is that of the Saturday Night Live skit where Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley are trying out at a night club to get the sole chippendale slot. You know the one I mean. O tempora, o mores!

Quote of the Day:
"God hath to them more power given,
Than to any angel that is in heaven;
With five words he may consecrate
God’s body in flesh and blood to male,
And handleth his maker between his hands;
The priest bindeth and unbindeth all bands,
Both in earth and in heaven;
Thou ministers all the sacraments seven;
Though we kissed thy feet thou were worthy;
Thou art surgeon that cureth sin deadly;
No remedy we find under God
But all only priesthood.
Everyman, God gave priests that dignity,
And setteth them in his stead amount us to be;
Thus be they above angels in degree."
-The Character called "Five-Wits", Everyman


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