Sunday, April 10, 2005


A few gems from the New York Times:

"It is highly unlikely that the new pope will depart from his conservatism on contraception, divorce, women as priests or the range of what the church considers to be "sanctity of life" issues, from stem cell research to abortion and euthanasia."

No, things are just declared as doctrine to mess with the mind!

"JoaquĆ­n Navarro-Valls, announced that the cardinals had decided unanimously ... "to avoid interviews and contact with the media," whose members were "invited to abstain" from seeking out comment."

I doubt the media will entertain this idea. Perhaps they can consider it mortification of some sort? Anyway, their endless speculation will make the new pope come as even more of a suprise non-catholic peoples. And Heeeeeereeeeee we go:

"The cardinals are loath to mention names, but from the comments of many, the field seems to be wide open."

Now, to the more serious issues:

"The issues on the minds of Catholics who would like to see their church liberalize its position on contraception, divorce or women priests are not under discussion, the cardinals said in interviews."

Frankly, I'm suprised that was published....then again, I suppose the idea of not changing doctrine really is sensational, from observing non-catholic churches.

"A reporter asked Cardinal Francis George of Chicago in a news conference last week whether the church would consider approving the use of condoms to prevent AIDS in places like Africa.
"Your solution is to exterminate the poor?" he said, referring to the births that contraception would prevent. "The doctrine of the church isn't going to change, and so you work with it as best as you can." "

WHOOP to Cardinal George! I LIKE that man :D


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