Sunday, May 29, 2005

Catholics, I'll tell you how to fix your church

I ran across this editorial earlier, and thought ya'll might enjoy it too!

Catholics, stay with me and I'll tell you how to grow your church

FRIENDS of the papist persuasion, I'm delighted to present the latest installment of this newspaper's Continuing Lecture Series, "How to Save the Church of Rome." With a heritage of 20 centuries and more than a billion adherents worldwide, Roman Catholicism, it's plain to see, is hanging by a thread. We, your fellow Christians, are happy to ride to the rescue.

Now, please, take this criticism in the spirit in which it is given--flabbergasted disbelief that any human organization larger than the Bowling Green Moose Lodge could be so backward in its beliefs and practices. And kindly don't be so gauche as to point out that when Mainline Protestants give survival instructions to Roman Catholics, it's a lot like Yoda giving dunking tips to Yao Ming.

It would be a downright breach of ecumenical concord to quote the 2003 Barna Research survey that reported, "Mainline Protestant denominations have experienced the most significant slide, dropping from about one out of five adults a decade ago to one out of eight today [13 percent]," while the Roman Catholic population has held fairly steady, accounting for 25 percent of U.S. followers of Jesus.

Go, Go read the rest of the article!


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