Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Gnashing of Teeth

...from certain heterodox sects, I think I can hear.

As we have expected no less (although I think some of the media may have been surpised), B16 has reaffirmed and upheld the constant Catholic teachings on abortion and euthanasia. I just appreciate news reported without trying to bash the Church once and awhile!

Pope Benedict XVI said Saturday he will resist attempts to "water down" Vatican teaching, indicating he will uphold Pope John Paul II's unwavering stands against abortion and euthanasia and will work to guarantee obedience to Church doctrine... The pope "must not proclaim his own ideas, but ever link himself and the Church to obedience to the word of God, when faced with all attempts of adaptation or of watering down, as with all opportunism," Benedict said... "Freedom to kill is not a true freedom but a tyranny that reduces the human being into slavery," the pontiff said to ringing applause from the congregation... "The pope isn't an absolute sovereign, whose thoughts and desires are law," Benedict said. "On the contrary, the ministry pope is the guarantor of the obedience toward Christ and his word.


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