Monday, May 23, 2005

New word!

I learned a new word!

"Circuminsession" -it is the reciprocal existence in each other of the three persons of the Trinity.

In Greek, it is "perichoresis" -dancing together. The Trinity dances together for all of eternity!

This was a word made up by theologians since the human language is so limiting- if we say "the Son is generated by the Father," then it sounds as if the Father came before the son, or if we say that "The Spirit proceedes from the Father and the Son," it seems as if Father and Son came before the Spirit. As a result of the problems language like this can cause, a bunch of guys who enjoyed theology got together and came up with the word circumincession.

I foudn the Latin in Sheed's "Theology and Sanity." Great book- expalins to the layperson a Thomist view of theology. This book will be GREAT for my catechumens who want to delve into theology! This is a GREAT book for those interested in Aquinas, but not ready to dive into the Summa!


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