Friday, July 29, 2005

About Us


There's been enough confusion about who and how many of us there are on here, so we've decided to finally get around to writing biographies about ourselves.

DAVID: Well, I'm going into the Jesuit novitiate August 14th. I spent four years in a Jesuit high school, Strake Jesuit of Houston, TX, and a year at Texas A&M, which I absolutely loved (WHOOP!). While there, I majored in philosophy with a minor in religious studies. There was also a very brief period when I was an economics major doing a minor in philosophy, but I don't like to think of those times. I hope to earn a doctorate in philosophy so that I can teach it on the university level. Or theology. I'm not particularly picky, and both subjects are enjoyable.

fj: So ambitious! I also attend Texas A&M, except my goal is to learn about cows. That's right, cows! I won't go into why I should not be using the word cow (as it would make anyone else I know qute aggrivated because it doesn't mean what most people think). I also love sheep, but I'm not as interested in their technical aspects. So, as someone who is attending an expensive university to lean about cows, I am a double biomedical science and animal science major. If you want to know something about animals, ask.

DAVID: Yeah, she's pretty good at animals, I must give her that. I once wanted to study medicine, mostly for the same reason I wanted to become a preist, to help and heal people. My interests are actually pretty varied, my knowledge base would probably be best described as "broad though shallow in all but a few areas." I come by it honestly, though. When I was in school and bored, I had a rather geekish tendancy to pass the time by reading random articles from the encyclopedia.

fj: See, I think everyone does that- most people just won't admit it. I'm a very practical person. I like to know how to do things- I can stick-weld, shear (anything, but specifically I'm good at show-cuts and hand shearing) fix or build just about anything, I'm proficient in almost all aspects of animal husbandry, love to cook, and I spend lots of time outside. I'm also a huge fan of anything sci-fi, especially Asmov. I also enjoy philosophy and theology, but I am HORRIBLE at explaining it to others. I was requested by my ethics professor (class was crop ethics) to defend the morality (note: not legality) of GM plants using a Thomistic arguing style. Now that was fun! AND he said I sounded like Aquinas, esp. with my last response WHOOP!
Oh, and of course I was born and raised Texan, and I absolutely love this state.

DAVID: Sadly, I was born in Florida, not Texas (always a source of embarassment for me), but having spent the last 16 years here, I like it quite a bit. If I had a choice, the novitiate would be moved to Texas. And trust me when I say that some of the info that I have gathered is some of the most impractical on the face of this Earth. Like the fact that President Taft invented the concept of the 7th inning stretch, and was the only person to ever be the head of more than one branch of government (he was the chief justice of the Supreme Court a few years after his presidency).

fj: I know all sorts of impractical things! For instance, if you don't strip the lanoilin from the fleece before shearing, it shears a hair bit easier than stripping it first. It's also easier to use fencing pliers to mend fences than needle nose, although they work in a pinch. It's more dangerous to have an empty gasoline can with fumes in it than a full one. You can make good halters by using rope and hog rings for around $1 a halter, as well, instead of buying all that "specialty" or pre-made stuff, AND they last longer! Now, living in a city in an apartment, do you have any idea how often that knowledge gets used?

Ah, well. In that way I'm like the Jesuits; I do like to know things. I'm probably a bit more inclined toward the (gasp!) Dominican or Franciscan spirituality, however.

DAVID: My knowledge can be even more useless than that, trust me. Among my varied interests and hobbies are all things Shakespeare, history (especially military history), movies, and camping. I was also a Boy Scout, attaining the rank of Eagle in 2001, and did theatre my senior year of high school.

fj: So, by reading this, you now know more than you ever wanted to about us, and none of it useful to boot!


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