Monday, July 11, 2005

Anglican News

"LONDON (Reuters) - The Church of England voted on Monday to move toward ordaining women bishops, a step which could provoke an exodus of conservative clergy and deepen the widening splits within the worldwide Anglican Communion. A synod meeting in the city of York voted to "remove legal obstacles" in Church law to women bishops, a process Church officials say could take about four years to complete. All three houses of the synod -- the church's parliament -- voted in favor. The most senior house, the House of Bishops, voted 41 for and only six against."

This would be big news. Not necessarily suprising news, but big news nonetheless. More and more Anglicans have been jumping ship, and it is thought over 800 priests will leave if women bishops are 'ordained.' Speculation seems to be in the direction that many of these priests, and hopefully their parishes, would join us. Time will tell how many stand up to their declarations to leave if this was to happen. We have the Anglo-Rite, let's put it to use!

I don't understand why one would stay for the 'ordination' of women to the priesthood, yet balk at their, to use a me-an-David term, bishophication. I could use long fancy correct terminology, but c'mon, that's a great word! Anyway, I don't understand that point; if women are being 'ordained' into the priesthood, would not one assume they would become bishops as well?


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