Friday, July 29, 2005

Even Pope's get frustrated

Even Pope's get frustrated- that's the feeling I get from these statements.

"It seems that people don't need us," he said in Italian, saying that in today's society, "all we do seems useless."

"All of us together want, on one hand, to suffer with these problems and, through suffering, transform the problems, because suffering is precisely the way of transformation, and without suffering nothing is transformed... This is also the meaning of the parable of the grain of wheat that fell on the earth: Only through a process of tormented transformation does one obtain the fruit and see the solution, and if the apparent inefficacy of our preaching is not a suffering for us, it would be a sign of a lack of faith, of a lack of genuine commitmeny... We must take these difficulties of our time seriously and transform them by suffering with Christ, and so transform ourselves, and in the measure that we ourselves are transformed, we can also answer the question articulated earlier; we can see the presence of the kingdom of God and make others see it," he stated.

In face of "the so-called great Churches," which seem to be "dying, especially in Australia, but also in Europe, not so much in the United States," the Holy Father said that he does not believe in "a recipe for a rapid change." "We must go forward, go through the tunnel with patience, with the certainty that Christ is the answer and that in the end his light will appear again." Conviction Benedict XVI continued: "Without reference to the true God, man destroys himself. We see it with our own eyes. "In all this suffering, not only must we not lose the certainty that Christ is really the face of God, but in addition we must deepen this certainty and the joy of knowing it and of really being, therefore, ministers of the world's future, of the future of every man."

As I said before, he sounds frustrated to me; I hope that World Youth Day will be of a great consolance to him-that is always an amazing, crazy gathering. I can understand how he feels, watching the culture around me. As he is the voice of the Church, I can't imagine how much more frusterating it must seem to him.


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