Saturday, July 23, 2005

God is, well, God

David- scan throught this for me please?

From a brief conversation tonight:

"Well, if God was subject to time then by that very statement the God would cease to be God because it wouldn't comply with the very way in which we know God to be!"

Ah, well, at least it is easy to refute the changeable god. If God was subject to time, then it would not be under His control, and if he isn't in control of everything, then he is obviously not God.

LOL. The very simplest explaination perfect for a 5 min. phone conversations.

And no, this was a I-called-my-friend-to-see-how-they-were-doing call. We began discussing a 'philosopher,' as I'll call him, which my friend must read for a class they're in. She was like, "Ooookay. I know. That wasn't my contention." LOL. I just don't like people who miss the obvious- such as this 'philosopher.'

Crazy new-age profs. Sigh. Why no Aquinas or Plato, anybody? They have their faults, but still, they are better than these guys! All I hear about are Kant, Hume, Nietzsche, Tze, and others of that ilk. Ah well!


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