Monday, July 18, 2005

Strange Dreams

What a strange dream, especially for me.

I was at a huge writing desk, the kind I've always wanted. It is essentially a slab of a hardwood on 4 pegs, no fancy stuff, no drawers, nothing. I'm writing on plain paper, translating Latin to English. The room has a mahogany, candlelit feel to it, although all the light comes from a window to the right. The piece I am translating is a letter- the weird thing is, I remember distinctly it was either Cicero or Augustine. I'm assuming it was Cicero since I have never even seen any writings from Augustine in Latin that I can think of. Then again, this was a dream, so who knows. Anyway, I was translating this, and the Latin was clear as day, I could read it as easily as you could read this (trust me...I can't read Latin fluently...yet). As I read it in Latin, I wrote it in English. There was a person standing behind me, however, and no matter how simply and clearly I wrote, or explained it as I wrote, they simply did not get it. I really wish I remember what it was- I remember a paragraph distinctly, and repeating it over and over again to this person, but not I cannot remember what it was!

Ah, well, I rarely remember dreams, so this was interesting to me!


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